This kit is comprised of the Life Balance Kit, Fun with Doodling two part series, and the Creative Problem Solving course.

The Life Balance Kit, which is based on Christian principles, is intended to assist you as you seek greater clarity for your life.

To complement the contents of the Life Balance Kit, the Fun with Doodling materials are geared at providing a creative outlet.

As you go through the Fun with Doodling exercises, let these exercises stimulate and fuel your thoughts, and help you generate ideas and solutions on the quest to achieving greater balance and harmony in your life.

Access to the kit will be granted for one year and renewal options will be provided.

Seeking Clearer Vision
Finding the Path

Embracing Opportunites

We are excited that you are joining us on this rewarding adventure

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Life Balance and Creativity Kit

One year access to Kit

No doubt you will experience many 'aha' moments over the year ahead, as you go through the materials in the Kit.

(Renewal options will be provided)

Specifically for the Life Balance Kit, to assist you with developing a manageable schedule as you go through the course, videos will be made available weekly by section.

Be Blessed.